About Us

Due to the growing complexity of building services together with the reduced tolerance of construction and delays by developers there is an identified need for robust commissioning and management of the commissioning process. Verisys provides specialist testing, commissioning, validation and verification services to clients, contractors and developer's.

We appraise the scheme for commissionability and during review maintainability, documentation and testing procedures. We ensure that the testing process is fully auditable and provide detailed progress reporting. System witnessing upon completion of commissioning is carried out robustly in addition to a proactive approach to problem solving on site.

We can provide a highly skilled professional team with experience. We believe the major strengths we can bring to our clients are:

  • a proactive, collaborative and ‘hands-on’ approach to our service and engagement with Stakeholders and multi-disciplinary design and delivery teams,
  • we believe in detailed input into the design process whilst providing management support to the project team. This ensures that robust design solutions are developed, with due regard to quality, cost, risk and programme,
  • established and robust procedures to help deliver your project on time and to budget, and
  • a strong cultural affinity with innovation and a commitment to continuous improvement, which has enabled us to build long term relationships with an ever increasing number of Clients who value the difference we make to their success.

We are committed to our profession and excellence in the future of the built environment.